Inch. Oil

Mountain. Ink

The Tholsel, Kilkenny. Pastel

Irish Landscape Artist Sheelagh Cross

'Sometimes you know where you belong and what your purpose is'.

I have painted most of my adult life and am at my happiest whilst being creative. Even the movement involved in painting can be akin to a dance, sometimes ballet, sometimes salsa, whichever there is always a great sense of freedom, of letting go.

Although I have enjoyed working with a variety of materials I often return to my old friend oils, they never rush me to finish and their sensual nature is easy to work with.

The tools of my trade are whatever feels right, fingers, brush or knife. The intention of my work is not only to portray a scene but to convey the essence and mood of that scene. If the viewer is touched by my work then I have achieved my goal as an artist.

Sheelagh Cross